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Should the FTC Be Regulating Privacy and Data Security?


by Daniel J. Solove

This post was co-authored with Professor Woodrow Hartzog.

This past Tuesday the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a complaint against AT&T for allegedly throttling the Internet of its customers even though they paid for unlimited data plans. This complaint was surprising for many, who thought the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was the agency that handled such telecommunications issues. Is the FTC supposed to be involved here?

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Why the Law Often Doesn’t Recognize Privacy and Data Security Harms

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by Daniel J. Solove

In my previous post on privacy/security harms, I explained how the law is struggling to deal with privacy and data security harms. In this post, I will explore why.

The Collective Harm Problem

One of the challenges with data harms is that they are often created by the aggregation of many dispersed actors over a long period of time. They are akin to a form of pollution where each particular infraction might, in and of itself, not cause much harm, but collectively, the infractions do create harm.

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Privacy by Design with Passion and Pizazz: A Review of The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto


by Daniel J. Solove

I was fortunate to pick up a copy of The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto, a new book by Michelle Finneran Dennedy, Jonathan Fox, and Thomas Finneran.

I’ve read a lot of practical “how to” stuff about privacy before that’s vague and not very specific, but this book is so refreshingly detailed, has great depth, and is concrete. It’s a real achievement, and a book that deserves attention.

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