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Cartoon: GDPR Change in Privacy Notices

Cartoon GDPR Privacy Notice Change - TeachPrivacy GDPR Training 02 medium

In the past few weeks, with enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) beginning on May 25, countless organizations launched emails and pop up notices about changes in their privacy notices in light of GDPR.  This cartoon pokes a little fun at the blizzard of changed privacy notice notices.

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Cartoon: The Post-GDPR World

Cartoon Post-GDPR World - TeachPrivacy GDPR Training 02 meidum

This is a momentous week.  On Friday, May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will begin being enforced. Organizations are racing against the clock to be prepared.  What will the day look like when the sun rises on May 25?

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GDPR Humor: A Collection of GDPR Cartoons and More

GDPR Humor - TeachPrivacy GDPR Training 02

Feeling stressed out about GDPR?  I can help!  Here are all of my GDPR cartoons and attempts at GDPR humor in one post.  It’s much better to laugh than to cry . . .

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Cartoon: The Four Phases of Developing a GDPR Program

Cartoon Four Phases of GDPR Program - TeachPrivacy GDPR Training

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has actually been with us for quite a long time (in various forms), but this month is the moment of truth.  On May 25, the GDPR will start being enforced.

Here’s a quick timeline of the evolution of the GDPR:

October 1995: Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) is adopted.  The majority of the rules of the GDPR are the same or similar to those of the Data Protection Directive. Thus, much of the GDPR has been with us for more than 20 years.

January 2012: First Draft of GDPR is released.

March 2014: European Parliament votes to support the GDPR.

December 2015: The Trilogue (EU Commission, European Parliament, and EU Council of Ministers) reaches an agreement about the GDPR.

April 2016: European Parliament and Council of the EU formally adopt the GDPR.  There will be a 2-year grace period until the GDPR is enforced.

May 2018: GDPR enforcement begins on May 25.

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Prime Time for Privacy

Prime Time for Privacy 01

Over at Bloomberg Law, I have a short essay entitled Prime Time for Privacy.  From the essay:

The GDPR is a tremendous step forward for the privacy profession, but the maturity of the profession is what makes GDPR compliance possible.

The privacy profession serves a profound societal role. This is the profession that will help shape the future of privacy and guide the development of technology in ethical ways. With the rapid growth of technology, the privacy profession is more essential than ever. This is the profession that thinks about the human consequences of technology and how to bring the dizzying uses of data under control. Privacy professionals are on the front lines of shaping the data-drenched world we’re racing to construct. This profession will affect our lives and our society in profound ways in the years to come.

Read the full essay over at Bloomberg Law.

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